On the next Inside The Goblin Universe: Calum Lykan

On the next Inside The Goblin Universe: Calum Lykan

We are on the precipices of extinction of Storytelling. In this 30 second microwave world, is there anyone who can help us? Yes! There is and he is Scottish. Calum Lykan has a mission- save the art of Storytelling.

On the next Inside The Goblin Universe, Calum Lykan goes deep into why storytelling is so important for all of humanity; and how he’s keeping it alive!

Don’t miss out, Tuesday January 30, 2018 at 8:00 on EST on the Black Swamp Digital Radio [www.BlackSwampRadio.net]

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Why is the Unicorn Scotland’s national animal?

Why is the Unicorn Scotland’s national animal?


“When we think about unicorns now, we think of this horse like body, pure white, with a white horn that looks like a narwhal tusk, which is very different from how it was first talked about by the Greek and Romans.

“They believed it to be quite large, with really powerful hooves that were single, like a sheep, and not split like the horse. The horn itself was supposed to be very long and black, so the antelope would have given aspects such as the horn the colouration.

“By the time we get to the European side of things, a lot of people have not been to these places where the other types of animals came from, so they could only work off of what animals they could see in the bestiaries’, or drawings of animals that they knew themselves.

“So you see in these bestiaries’, the drawings of unicorns were given characteristics from animals like greyhounds, sheep and goats. The depiction of the unicorn got smaller and smaller, until it became this very tender, goat like creature.

“Actually in some of the depictions they look as small as mice; in others they look larger, around the size of a boar and they had various characteristics added onto them as stories do over the years. So they might have the body of a boar but the head of a pig and the tail of a horse; or the body of a goat and the tail of a lion.”

In medieval Europe, the unicorn became this highly influential status of power, which impacted every level of society for thousands of years. This only lead to Elyse’s growing obsession with the creature.

“I became very interested in how something that didn’t actually exist, what was it about the unicorn, that became so influential to people?

“Because merchants would sell unicorn horns – they were often gifts for kings or for different religious institutions. And these things would cost tens of thousands of pounds, and that’s before you do the currency conversion into modern money. They were absolutely extravagant.”

The unicorn became so universally believed in because it was so heavily integrated with their daily lives.

“The horn was used as an antidote in medication, so people weren’t just talking about these things as a mythological creature, but were literally interacting with what they thought were unicorns themselves. That personal interaction, that touch – it makes it more than something that’s lofty or an ideal that can’t be touched. It became an ideal that was almost corporeal in a way.”

This was an important aspect as to how people came to believe that the unicorn existed for all those thousands of years.

“There are four main aspects of how to sell a myth.

“It needs to provide for a need, which the unicorn provided through being an antidote to poison.

“It needs to fit into the scientific knowledge of that time – it can’t be this explanation of ‘just because magic’, or ‘the supernatural’. It really needs to fit in with the understanding people had and it needed to be plausible.

“It needs to be something people can interact with – so the importance of touch and the importance of those items which were sold and traded as unicorn horns. Whatever they were used for – whether it was goblets or jewellery or even just table decorations – the importance of that physicality.

“Also how there needed to be tests of authenticity for these things – you couldn’t just give someone something and say that it works, there has to be some sort of confirmation that it works. We can look back at the steps the horn had to go through before it became important to society.”

The way unicorns are now portrayed in society has very much changed from its noble, lofty status, to a very child orientated tale. It’s drawn a lot of characteristics from the Asian depictions of unicorns, this idea of a purely benevolent creature that has been immersed in a lot of modern society, probably due to the spread of media. But the unicorn in medieval Europe could be used of good or for evil. It could represent purity or lust depending on the depictions.

From popular culture to Charlie the Unicorn, or even My Little Pony, it seems that it will always have a place in society.

As published in the Scotsman.com on Thursday 19 November 2015



Lean into the Fear™

Robbert van Den Broeke and Johny Webb join “Inside The 🐲Goblin Universe ITGU” show for discussion and experiments

Robbert van Den Broeke and Johny Webb join “Inside The 🐲Goblin Universe ITGU” show for discussion and experiments

Ronald and I have the pleasure of interviewing, Robbert van Den Broeke and Johny Webb, this Friday night into Saturday morning and it happens to be a perfect situation for experimentation as we all go Inside The Goblin Universe.

As we are both Researchers and Investigators, any opportunity to do either is welcomed and executed. We are not sure if it will produce results and we are not doing this to put anyone in the spot but what we have in mind given our guests abilities needs to be attempted. We each intend to select a few friends to focus on directly but, and this is the best part, Everyone who listens to the Inside The Goblin Universe Show is part of our experiment! All we ask is that YOU, post in this very area if you do experience anything either before or during the broadcast!

The experiments we will conduct are below. If you do get touched, have a mental impression or anything out of the ordinary occurs then please post it here; along with any photos you have taken. We can’t wait to see what will result.

Lean into the Fear™


  1. We are looking to see if Robbert can use his gifts to “Reach out and touch someone”. Yes, we want to know if you get touched; be it mentally or physically. Did you get an impression in your minds Eye 👁? Are you drawn to something? Please post below.

. We want to see if everyone both on the interview call and listing) can take a series of photographs during the interview (around 10) and see if we can get something to appear. The photos will be sent to all in the interview, posted to this post on our Facebook Group page, and then they will be collected and reposted into the video of the interview for uploading to our YouTube channel.

. The last experiment involves trying to get an EVP to appear on the audio of the show. I will task it by using a selective word like “Gobble” prior to the recording of the show and see if it appears in Electronicli Voice Print form, somewhere in the audio file of the show. In order to confirm this, you will have to listen to the show and then respond with the time stamp you heard the word.

his ends the experiment portion that we will be conducting. Ronald and I are looking forward to this interview and the experiments. We hope everyone will take part in this never before done event and experiment on a show broadcast. Either way, We hope you do enjoy the interview and I thank you for your support of “Inside The 🐲Goblin Universe ITGU”.

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Steve Alten will be hosting a Facebook Live Q&A about Undisclosed 8/26/17

Steve Alten will be hosting a Facebook Live Q&A about Undisclosed 8/26/17

Steve Alten will be hosting a Facebook Live Q&A to answer questions about Undisclosed, clean energy, government cover ups, etc.

We’re encouraging people to submit questions early to meg82159@aol.com for a chance to win a signed, personalized copy of the book.

Help us at “Inside The Goblin Universe” spread the word about this event?

To attend, visit his Facebook page on Saturday, August 26 at 11:00 a.m. EST.

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