Something worthy of your consideration.

Something worthy of your consideration.

A friend of ours and owner of the station we broadcast Inside The Goblin Universe has just posted something that is worthy of your consideration. We all are individuals and have free will but we don’t always hear/ see the truth. He is some truth to start you off.

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The way it really is:

The way it really is:

I am so sick of the new age, metaphysical bullshit it is driving me insane. Thus, this is the reason I write this paper. Or what I hope to be is just a paper. I can no longer sit here and listen to this nonsense and say nothing. While people just perpetuate the lies just for some kind of fame and to make them self feel important and maybe even get rich doing it.

First a bit about who I am. I am 54 years old in this time line. I hold an associates degree in electronics. I degree in physics. A PHD in hill-billy engineering and I am a registered as Pagan Clergy. I am an ordained minister. I have studied many religions and have been in the occult for 35 years. I am not Wiccan. I am also a Reiki Master.

What else I am. Both of my grandparents and my mother and her sister are off worlders. I however have a human father. If you feel you need to call Bullshit on this. Go right ahead. I do not care nor do I need to. I ham not talking to you now to try and make you believe this fact about me.

This being said. First I tell you about how every one has been misinformed about what every ones believes to be the Soul. Most people understand and and know what the ballast is in a fluorescent light. If you do not I will tell you. In a Fluorescent light, when you take the burnt out light out so you can change it and you see that long, skinny black thing inside. That is the ballast. What it does is convert the energy entering the light into DC current from the AC that it was. It also changes the amount of electricity needed to operated said light.

The Soul does close to the same thing in the physical body and yes EVERYTHING living has a Soul and a spirit for that matter. This is not conjecture, but fact.

Lets take you for example. YOU are spirit energy. You have so said form. You are only partly here in the physical. The rest of you is on the other side. The Soul is the part of the body that acts like a ballast in a light. It takes hight frequency energy that YOU are and lowers it so that you can live inside of the physical body with out the body bursting into flames for example.

So. To mix the two together is wrong and misleading. The soul and the spirit are two different things and must be treated as such. To think and say that they are the same, is misleading and wrong. It helps to perpetuate the lies about the truth of things. They build up so that you can not see and understand the true nature of life.

Now onto the real reason I am writing.

Angels, Demands, the Nephilim and the Seraphim.

First let me say that ALL religion is bullshit. All religion has been manipulated for many reasons. The top three are. Control, The misunderstanding of the original texts and so the few can keep power over the many. This being said. I now delve into setting the record strait about some things. First I start with the Seraphim. The true angelic species. This species lives on another, higher plane of existence from our own. They NEVER interferer or come to this world but only with one exemption. If this world was to be destroyed by any thing other then the natural order of things they would stop it. In other words. When the Sun goes Nova. They will let that happen. If humans try to destroy it with lest say nuclear weapons. The will step in and stop that. If humans kill them self s out. They will allow that. Any one claiming they do more then that is full of shit.

The Nephilim, aka Ananoki. Or I should say. One of the many species of Ananoki are just that. The Nephilim come from another world and now reside here on this one. They are not protectors of the word of god as they have calmed to be. They Used that as a a tool to gain control over what was at that time. A lesser species. They played the role of gods for a while. Then, when humans began to wise up a bit. The suddenly became. Angels and Demands. 2 sides of the same coin. It is about as close as comparing them to democrats and republicans. I am not joking.

All Angels and Demands really have the ability to do is whisper in your ear so to speak and try and influence you to do what they want you to do and not what you should do. They want to keep humans from ascending to what they are because once humans can do that then the Nephilim will have to answer for their crimes. It would mean humans would be equals and not viewed as a lesser form of life. This is all about keeping humans from becoming who they can be and stop them from growing.

God and the Devil. First there is no devil. Never was. He was made up for no other reason then for control. The Evil one however does exist. God in the form many have been told, does not exist either. There is no judgemental god that says they love you but you must worship in or to burn in a non-existent hell. There is however a universal life force that holds the universe together. You may tap into this power and use it in a good way or a bad way. it is up to you. Since evil and good are nothing more then the mass perspective on life. That does not exist either but in your head.

Stop giving you self away and become who you can be.

I am going to stop here because either you get what I have just said. Or you have not and said I am bullshit. I don’t care either way. I thought it is my responsibility to speak the truth so I have. Take it or leave it. If you agree with what I have said then please let me know. If you don’t. Well…………..

The way it really is:

Author: Paul Ieson