Friends of ITGU

We call them Friends but they are more like family to both Ronald Murphy Jr and Sir Bryan Bowden. And they feeling is mutual for all that present on the “Inside The 🐲Goblin Universe ITGU” Radio Show.

“We love the Guests on our show and we are honored to have them on to enlighten all in the Goblin Universe.” – Sir B. Bowden

“It’s not often you get a chance to meet, let alone talk with the people who have influenced you and your life; who have given you direction. And the best part is that they also become good friends. I love what Bryan and I do.” – R. Murphy Jr.

Here we present to all of our Goblins the Guests on our show as well as notable sources of information.

Lean into the Fear™


Andre Verge

Paul Sinclair

Chris Evers

Derek Tyler

Cindy Dove

Steve Alten

Lyle Blackburn

Stan Gordon

Ken Gerhard

Michael Bradbury (A.K.A. Mr.MBB333)

Timothy Renner