Derek Teyler

Author, researcher, and alien & military abductee Derek Tyler has performed hardcore research on the alien agenda conspiracy. He has had private conversations with insiders who spent their careers working in black ops, and has interviewed over three thousand abductees.

“I am a researcher, author, alien abductee and military abductee. I specialize in the topic of UFO’s and alien contact. I have a book available on called “Alien Contact: The Difficult Truth”. It took two years to write and a lifetime to research. It contains lots of previously-unpublished information, including interviews with people who spent their careers working in black ops and my personal abduction memories. It also contains a lot more, discussing various aspects of alien contact, original insights and analysis and a wealth of information which will surely be of use to anyone who is interested in penetrating to the truth of this complex and mysterious topic.”


Book: Alien Contact: The Difficult Truth

“Inside The 🐲Goblin Universe ITGU” Episode: